June 21, 2005

A sense of roake pride

Category: Wholesome — @ 4:50 pm

It is strange to find out what may spur a personal sene of pride. This morning a link to the wfmu (a really great station coming out of Jersey City, prolly my next home) blog was brought to my morning attention and alas, there was a picture of me karaoking with my favorite karaoke partner of all time: Linda “Big Mouth” Graham. When I saw the picture, a sense of strange and usual pride (but pride) welled deep inside of me. I was so happy to see a picture of me karaoking during the best night of my karaoke life, representing the core of what I think as exquisite karaoke joy. I guess the picture has made itself to other websites.
The pictures came as a reminder that I have denied myself this pleasure, mostly because I can’t handle bar smoke (it gives me sinus problems). I went from weekly karaoke in SF to basically none in Chi-town. As much as I am going to miss this city, I look forward to moving east where I can once again belt it out, smoke free

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