July 31, 2006

South African Plug Adapters

Category: Tech,Travel — Biella @ 1:46 am

I am in the airport in Amsterdam on my way home to the US after a pretty decent nights sleep on the KLM from South Africa. This trip has been simply amazing, probably because I was taken around by locals, most of them who are U of C anthro students or graduate, all of them from South Africa.

I have already started to write a few entries but will finish them when I get back. In the meantime, since I started the trip with an entry about an adapter, here is some more information on them.

When I was researching the type of adapter needed for South Africa, much of the information on the web indicated that while South Africa took the M plug, one could get by with the British adapter as that is quite common here. I have to say that I never saw that type of plug at all… There seems to be one and only one type of plug so if you do come here, do purchase the South Africa-specific adapter.

July 20, 2006

Debian History

Category: Anthropology,Debian,Tech — Biella @ 7:49 am

I have made it to South Africa and the official part of the Law and Society conference has come, sadly, to an end. It has been an amazing experience for reasons that deserve a lot more attention than I have right now so I will wait to write some about it when I have more time.

But before I forget, Lars has been thoughtful enough to put the Debian History Roundtable Discussion on the Debian Wiki.

I organized this roundtable at Debconf4 and while there is a good chunk of information from the discussion, there is a lot missing and perhaps even wrong, so please make changes and additions.

July 16, 2006


Category: Tech,Travel — Biella @ 3:23 am

I am in the Zurich airport en route to South Africa. I was thrilled that I had the right plug-adaptor to use because I have a long lay over. But when I wanted to pop it out to leave and explore the city, I found a very stuck adaptor. Very. 2 British guys assisted but to no avail. It may stay here forever so fellow Americans, you will always have a perma-adaptor in the Zurich airport. It is in the “Pearl: Bar” across from Bur Erry.. Just look and you will find.