March 26, 2004

Off east

Category: Personal — Biella @ 10:40 pm

I am going east tomorrow Penguin Day to facilitate a rountable not on the mating practices of our fine feathered friends but on non-profits and open source software. I then pop through NYC where I used to live and I do hope the spring weather keeps up. I love NYC in the spring: it surprisingly just smells good.

I have been meaning to give props to the
design master who developed the Not Wholesome chicken to your right. He is also the fine creator behind the Tighty Whitey Tee which even some of the bravest souls dare not wear for some strange reason.

Also, I have been doing some new blog reading, like those of Yari a fellow anthropologist of the Caribbean style, from PR and doing her fieldwork in Gaudelope. Idyllic. Then there is Unreasonables now from Italy, the author of which is an IRC partner in crime. I partner way too much on IRC these days… Oh well, offline I go and out east,


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