February 13, 2004

Disturbing —> Amusing

Category: Humor — Biella @ 6:44 pm

When I am tired, like I am today due to an incessant week of deadlines pulsating through my veins and pounding my brain, I become a little senstive to news and my environments, easily disturbed, easily amused.

I was disturbed this morning by the bright sun which I felt like I had not seen in months in Chicago and the news that a math formula can predict relationship patterns. If it were so easy.

I was and always am amused to see the moving/transportation truck, called Yellow for Their signs are orange not yellow. I have always wondered if this was a mistake or just a little hack by the company president to bemuse highway goers.

I was amused in that sort of disturbing way to find myself singing to Ozzy in the car today. Without frequent public displays of karaoke, I am reduced to private sessions in the car….

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