January 22, 2004

SCO’s downfall

Category: Tech — Biella @ 9:11 am

First of all, SCO is 10 years too late in their lobbying efforts in congress to sully open source because it does not conform to the principle of copyright law and that wonderful DMCA, so it is bad unamerican shit,and will drive us back to the competitive middle ages. Open source will bring us down………….

What a farce. It is almost comical. I mean it is like outlawing the VCR after there were gazillions of users which is why the Supreme Court basically could not rule in unconstitutional back in the 80s. Why and how are they justifyin the money they are spending. Don’t they even realize how much open source software is out there? I mean can you imagine the migration nightmare if let’s say all of Apache servers had to come down and be replaced by something else?

Bad Move SCO. You are fueling the fire of a passion that is already passionate you dumb Silly nitwits.

What I love though is that this so brings into clear relief one of my main arguments about the power of open source politicallys speaking. It transformed what was a singular model of IP rights into a multiple one and SCO is desperately trying to make it singular again.

Also, who exactly is behind thi? I mean wouldn’t it just be so great from the perspective of “great stories”, (though so high schoolish which would never surprise me in this American nation of ours where so many interactions post high school still seem to exude the warring, cliqueish natire) if we found out that like Mr. Gates was conspiring and colluding with Mr. McBride so that SCO is the conduit for what MS sort of tried to do but failed? And then when caught, they would go down in monstrous flames, a moment mythologized as the apogee, the pinnacle of great hacker moments. One can fantasize, no? Heh

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