January 20, 2004


Category: Politics — Biella @ 10:20 pm

My head hurts. I am tired thanks to the monkey wrench that is insomnia which has plagued me for the last three nights usually in different forms (why do we only have one word with a possible add on to describe what is such an intensely complicated phenomena?). I had to take the day off as birds and bees and stars and comets were you know, metaphorically spinning around my eyes.

But some good news is on the horizon: SOSHI (Save our Student Health Insurance) that I helped start in the fall has drafted and released a petition asking the University to do something to deal with the inequity of health insurance provision for grad students. Right now, all the hard science students (physical and biological) get full coverage while the gimpy sciences (the social sciences), the “religious weirdos” (the divinity student who work harder than all of us combined imho), and the lit freaks (humanities etc), don’t. Most students don’t know this so we are letting them know and letting the University administration that 2000+ in health fees don’t fly with a student budget.

If anything I am interested in what the online petition will yield.

ps—> Thanks to the dmh-boy with all his help and patience…

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