January 17, 2004

Trains of Thought

Category: Personal — Biella @ 12:04 am

I have been running around Chicago the last two days on buses, trains, and in cars, doing a million and one things so that I can get on with what I really want to do.. Today and this weekend I hope to get to that.

I have to say though, there is something that I love about moving around from place to place one mode of transportation to the next. My mind wanders as much as I do physically wondering about all sorts of things, an endless string of judgements and ideas, most of them worthless, filling my mind. I admire, wonder, loathe, and desire. I want to ask many questions but I can only ask myself. Here is a short sampling of a longer menu of random thoughts.

1. If you want to feel space indoors, go to Union Station’smain room. Even when it is gray outside, the light pours in, the wood benches beckon for you to join them, and the serenity of this otherwise bustling train station is ironically thick. It reminds me of the NYC public library in midtown. Spacious, quiet, expansive. There is no such library in the U of C which is a shame.

2. I hate the American Express ads draped all over Union Station’s main walls. You start to think, how can I rip them down, who made the decision to get them up there? Who gets the money? Is this the only reason that the room I love so is so well kept is thanks to the corporate (wolly) mammoths? Can google answer my questions? Apparently not.

3. I have been reading “The Elements of Style” and apparently I use my commas all wrong. Wow. Years of incorrect comma application. I felt so silly and wondered if I could get out of my habituated ways.

4. Why do older couples (post 40 it seems but especially post 60) never seem to hold hands and you know be “lovvvvy dovvy” in any way? It is a bad example, you know, for us younger folks like me. What does it say about love, and lust
and infatuation?

4. Late in the day, I spotted one such hand holding older couple. It resparked my faith, I am not sure in what, but in something. I mean for all I know the lack of any physical display is a sign of solidity but really I just need to ask. But first I need to find out a way to ask that is not rude. Any suggestions? I do really want to know.

I think everyone who blogs should from time to time record thier trains of thoughts and lay it out there bare and rough as they are…

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