April 5, 2003

Chaaa-CHING = $0

Category: Personal — Biella @ 7:46 pm

I get so stressed every year around tax time. It is not only season for coughing up $$$ to a government that you don’t believe in but also grant time and spring time so all you really want to do is be outside. Last year, my taxes were a nightmare: I had worked two jobs in two states and had two grants to account for, grants that had not withheld any money so I had to pay a lot. This year, with only a part of grant that was taxable, I had to pay the nice sum of $0 dollars. Given that my school’s health insurance was a whopping $1700 for the lousiest coverage in the world, I was relived that I was not giving more money that was going to nuthin. You see, I am not against taxes. But I am against what we use taxes for in this country, especially now. Surprise surprise.

Anyway, one chunk of my stress has vanished and now I have only like 2 or 3 more to go. I am soon leaving San Francisco and have so much to do before I head out to Puerto Rico where I will be living for three months (exciting!!!)

I doubt I will be updating the blog much as these days all I have been doing is sitting working on the computer and alternating with ill health that leaves me bed bound. I have drafted a pretty good dissertation outline which perhaps I should post here.

Of course, I have allowed for some entertainment in my life such as by watching some “good movies” like Old School. Yes is not one of those movies one raves about but like others in its genre (“Detroit Rock City,” “Dude, Where is My Car” “Road Trip”) it does not hold any pretense of being clever and it usually does the trick and makes me laugh….

Oh and thanks to Seth for help today and I think he is finally feeling better after a month long ear infection. Double yay!

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