March 30, 2003

Play and Work

Category: Personal — Biella @ 10:31 pm

These days, I feel like a student. I have been sitting more than I like, writing grant applications, finishing articles, and reading up on really academic stuff. The world of writing is not the world of fieldwork and though I am excited about the former I will miss the later.

I had to take a couple of breaks as the weekend in San Francisco was incredible, at least weather wise, reminding me why I am not crazy about this city (too cool).

My breaks started with a war protest–> critical mass ride that was luxurious. Yes, we got to ride in tee-shirts at night, the vibe was great and best of all was riding through the tunnel!!!!. Yay, it was so fun. Dinner with Micah and Ascott rounded off a fine evening.

I sat on my b(iella)ehind the following day as every other human being was having a good time in SF. But at least I got a lot done and found out that baby coconut water is the WAY to go when it comes to coconut kefir. The bad thing is that baby coconuts are hard to find and I think I busted my beloved drill making holes to extract the liquid. Lord, getting the kefiring process down is not easy.

But the highlight of my weekend was today. I could not sit another minute so I finally went to do what is my favorite thing in “da world”: play ultimate. After a 22 month hiatus, playing was solid, uncarved joy. There is nothing like chasing down a disc and I really can’t explain why but it is like the sublime for me. Everything empties out except pure experience. Perhaps it is testament to the fact that:

1) I don’t let myself get lost enough in other experiences or 2) that I don’t do enough drugs.

I only wish I could throw myself into wiritng and get that same type of pleasure from writing as I do with running around on a field chasing after plastic. You know go “all out” with that theory, dive for the perfect terms, thrill with the punch line.

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