July 31, 2006

South African Plug Adapters

Category: Tech,Travel — Biella @ 1:46 am

I am in the airport in Amsterdam on my way home to the US after a pretty decent nights sleep on the KLM from South Africa. This trip has been simply amazing, probably because I was taken around by locals, most of them who are U of C anthro students or graduate, all of them from South Africa.

I have already started to write a few entries but will finish them when I get back. In the meantime, since I started the trip with an entry about an adapter, here is some more information on them.

When I was researching the type of adapter needed for South Africa, much of the information on the web indicated that while South Africa took the M plug, one could get by with the British adapter as that is quite common here. I have to say that I never saw that type of plug at all… There seems to be one and only one type of plug so if you do come here, do purchase the South Africa-specific adapter.

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