July 16, 2006


Category: Tech,Travel — Biella @ 3:23 am

I am in the Zurich airport en route to South Africa. I was thrilled that I had the right plug-adaptor to use because I have a long lay over. But when I wanted to pop it out to leave and explore the city, I found a very stuck adaptor. Very. 2 British guys assisted but to no avail. It may stay here forever so fellow Americans, you will always have a perma-adaptor in the Zurich airport. It is in the “Pearl: Bar” across from Bur Erry.. Just look and you will find.

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  1. Get this posted to Slashdot… maybe your adaptor will become famous, a site of
    geek pilgrimage and obligatory fan photography for years to come…

    Comment by Karl Fogel — July 16, 2006 @ 9:34 pm

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