February 27, 2010

Lazy Web: South Park Scientology Video

Category: Academic,DRM-sucks — Biella @ 4:49 am

update: success, I got a copy. This means by talk will be that much better. Thank you all!

So I am giving for the upteeenth time (but I am going to retire it!) my talk on Anonymous and Scientology next week and I have decided that I want to show a clip from the South Park episode on the topic – Trapped in the Closet Season 9, Episode 12 (Original Air Date: 11/16/2005).

I made the mistake of buying it on Amazon cuz it is super DRM-FSKCING-ED and I can’t play it on Linux and I don’t know how to crack it. Anyway I also want to cut it to the relevant part, which is the wonderful history of Scientology.

Does anyone have a copy free of DRM? Or point me to where I can find one? This is within the purview of fair use, given that I am a serious academic giving serious attention to this topic :-) . Any help or pointers appreciated!