January 10, 2003

Caffeinated Waters?

Category: Personal — Biella @ 4:24 pm

I had one goal in mind for my trip to the tropics: quit caffeine. I thought it would be a process of pure hardship and hell as it has been many times in the past but for some really strange reason, this time, it was like cake. I did not even go through one withdrawl headache and felt like my concentration was as good as when I am off caffeine. Strange, no? My only explanation so far is that they must caffeinate the water here or something. I really feel I went through nothing and let me tell, I have gone through some serious emotional and physical turmoil quitting in the past, so this is a pure joyous mystery to me.

I should come here whenver I need to quit but it has not cured me of my online addiction that is for sure. My dad finally got his computer hooked up and he is right at this very moment, shooing me off to “get off the computer!!!!” Better do as the keeper of the computer wants!

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