July 9, 2007

La Rogativa

Category: Puerto Rico — Biella @ 10:56 am

Last night I came across an amazing photo of one of my favorite spots in Viejo San Juan, Puerto Rico, La Rogativa.

It is one of the *best* spots to sit, at night, after a walk and few drinks, and watch the lights dazzle in front of you till the sun decides to rise. You will not be disappointed, especially during a winter’s night when there just may also be a slight touch of cool breeze to caress your skin.

Here is the story of the statue:

A modern bronze statue of the Bishop of San Juan and three torch-bearing women stands in the Plazuela de la Rogativa. A good spot for scenic views, due to is fine location overlooking the bay. The beautiful bronze statue is the work of Lindsay Daen, created in 1971 to mark the old city’s 450th anniversary.

Plazuela de la Rogativa (plaza of the procession) features a modern sculpture depicting a procession of religious women and a bishop. It commemorates an event that took place on the site in 1797. During the spring of that year, a fleet of British ships led by under Sir Ralph Ambercrombie sailed into San Juan Bay, meaning to launch an assault on the city and take control of the colony. When the attack was foiled, they undertook a naval blockade of San Juan, hoping to starve the residents into submission. As the town’s people began to despair of any help from soldiers garrisoned in the inland towns, the governor ordered a rogativa, or plea, to ask the saints for assistance. The women of the town formed a procession through the streets, carrying torches and ringing bells. The British, hearing the commotion and seeing the moving lights, decided that reinforcements had arrived and quickly sailed off.

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