May 30, 2007

The Canadian Rockies

Category: Canada,Tech — Biella @ 8:08 am

I am at the nice Wild Flour Bakery in the very stunning Canadian Rockies taking advantage of some time and wireless to get started with a small project whose deadline is fast coming up.

So you know all those pictures of Banff/Canmore area lakes donning aquamarine, coral like colors? Well, there is no lying going on. The lakes here are so frikken beautiful and as someone who has spent a lot of time underwater staring at corals and Caribbean Fishies, I think there is something quite nice about how the water in Caribbean and the water in the Rockies look the same. While the lakes in the Rockies are the color they are due to their mineral content, some of the lakes, like the one we hiked to yesterday, are on top of ancient petrified coral reefs. Mountains were once oceans, oceans become mountains… which if you give it some thought, is sort of mind blowing.

So, Banff is quite beautiful but in terms of mountain towns, I prefer nearby Canmore or Jasper (which is closer to Edmonton) mostly because they are not quite as ritzy and chock full of tourists (but of course there is a reason for all these tourists).

But whatever town you can make it to, I would highly recommend the Canadian Rockies. They are in a class of their own.


  1. Have you encountered Mike from Canmore yet?

    Comment by nattie — May 30, 2007 @ 4:07 pm

  2. Not yet. Where can I find him?


    Comment by Biella — May 30, 2007 @ 4:16 pm

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