April 16, 2007

Wikitravel in Puerto Rico

Category: Tech,Travel — Biella @ 5:46 am

Wikitravel has organized an informal trip to Puerto Rico and I am of course reading the Puerto Rico blog entries as they are posted. Here are my suggestions for what to do there, which I passed over to them. One day I will update it and spend more than half an hour on the writing.

I am eager to see what they say. I love the island but know that it can be a little hard to travel in, unlike let’s say some tropical paradise like Thailand. It is just a little too formalized and expensive perhaps and you need to know a lot since there are not droves of informal travels to tell you that sort of information.

But it is a neat place with lots to do. I wish them happy and safe travels.

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  1. Dear Biella:

    As a user of Debian since Potato. I follow some mailing
    lists and blogs with interest since I like the community.
    (Even with flamewars!) I started enjoing your posts to
    Planet Debian because they had a broader subject range
    which is very good. And now I am very happy to hear that
    you are originally from Puerto Rico, like me! It makes
    me happy and proud to learn that boricuas are Debian
    developers! (Hopefully you are not the only one). This
    is for me the best Debian News since Etch released.
    Proud and happy for you. Luis.

    Comment by Luis Echevarria — April 16, 2007 @ 10:50 am

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