November 26, 2002

JESUS! Was I wrong

Category: Humor — Biella @ 6:52 pm

I have been reprimanded. Patrice, a true hippie and hellster, reprimanded me about my desire for a high-speed train in CA:

Now why I am skeptical about HSR (High Speed Rail):
- It is very expensive to build
- It is very damaging to the environment (though less than a Motorway). HSR is not *that* energy efficient – because of hi-energy needs for speed.
- It is expensive to run & hence to use. ICE in Germany attracts huge fare surcharges. The French TGV is affordable, because subsidized.
- It does not serve local communities well, prioritizes (big) point to (big)point trips.

It would be preferable immo to build a more conventional, but state-of-the-art, comfortable & relatively fast (100 Miles/h) train system, with many more stops, and affordable fares. Basically like the existing Caltrain/Bus transport system, but better & more frequent.

So, Patrice you are right, I have changed my mind but I still, ask you:
What Would Jesus Drive?. I heard about this campaign on NPR a couple of weeks ago and I am glad that they have a nice web page up which is not as titillating as (and is there anything as bewitching as that site?). Seriously, I am intrigued by this whole Christian environmental turn…. I have a penchant for cultural/ethical/religious forms of political action in which a strong ethic underpins political arguments. And I wonder what all the Christian Republicans who like LOVE oil so much they probably bathe in it as our dear friend Jesus bathes does with woman, think about the Christian tree hugging turn?

But seriously, again WWJD?? I mean, the guy can walk… on water. He could like use his heavenly powers to walk, really fast, like a highspeed train, (but minus the train), so that he would not cause all those problems Patrice pointed out to me. Yeah, that is what the J-Man would do, for sure. :-)

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