January 19, 2007

Internet Radio Under Threat

Category: Politics,Tech — Biella @ 10:53 am

Probably one of my favorite things about the Internet (and high speed connections) is Internet Radio. My favorite stations are:

Space Station, Secret Agent and Tag’s Trance Trip on soma fm out of SF, John in the (weekday) morning on kexp out of Seattle and the The Terrordome and
Asiko Africa Phantom Pyramid
hosted by the simply amazing (really, check out his shows) Minister Faust out of Edmonton.

But thanks to witless senators, all this awesomeness is under threat (and most of your probably already know). So support the effort to stop the shenanigans and let’s keep Internet Radio alive… And if you know of any other awesome radio shows or music, please do pass along. I am looking for a good salsa station, classical music and more dance music.


  1. i’ve never been able to get into Tag, Secret Agent can be fun but can also get really snooty feeling sometimes. i gold star:

    Dub Beautiful Collective [chill, dub]
    OEM Radio [this is often 0 bpm]
    GhostRider [breaks, dnb]
    SonicRaider [such trancey trance for writing!]
    SmoothBeats [underground hip hop]
    TrueHipHopFM [int'l underground hip hop]
    GrooveSalad [which is another SOMAFM chillout/ambient]

    and, when it was free, i always was impressed with Digitally Imported. now it costs money for decent quality, but only a few dollars a month i think?

    im glad you keep writing with few comments, i guess u already know all ur readers are feeding/burning…

    Comment by chuk — January 23, 2007 @ 7:49 pm

  2. if you’re looking for dance music, try streaming seattle’s KNHC – http://www.c895worldwide.com. the DJs are high schoolers, but the music is amazing and as it’s funded by the seattle school district and telethons, there aren’t any ads – only the occasional PSA.

    Comment by B. — January 26, 2009 @ 10:51 am

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