December 13, 2006

The Citicard Thank You Network sucks…

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So I have had the same credit card for many many many years. About 2 years ago I realized that I was collecting points with it and that I would be able to redeem them via the Thank You Network. So I ordered various things for xmas gifts and when I went to my site for an odd visit, found out that none had been delivered because, well they don’t have them.

While being out of stock is somewhat understandable, what is not is that they did not even send an email. Nor is the information updated on the site. I have already complained but I want to add my own testimonial to their fake testimonial site:

Enid C.

Edmonton, CA

“Thank you for such unprompt service and unpersonalized attention to my Your Wish Fulfilled order. A customer service representative never contacted me, letting me know they had NOT located my products, and I was not happy to see their web site does not even reflect this! Thanks again for such a unwonderful first experience redeeming my points. I can’t wait to change my credit card”

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