October 2, 2006

Cultural Studies Finally Releases Issue on IP

Category: Academic,IP Law,Politics — Biella @ 2:12 pm

When Cultural Studies released an issue on intellectual property last spring, I was somewhat annoyed and surprised that the issue was not made more freely available, given the topic of the issue. What was more frustarating was the CS has a lag policy for e-access so they don’t make available, even to subscribing institutions, issues until one year has passed. I think this is just a bad move in this day and age. If you can’t download it, well, you will lose a good percentage of your readership. I even ventured to the library 3x to get the issue but alas, it was out every time.

So today I was thrilled to read on Sivacracy that the issue is now available for download. The lineup is great and I look forward to delving in this week.

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