April 15, 2006

F/OSS Biblio with an emphasis on law and policy

Category: F/OSS — @ 3:08 pm

The University of Washington Law School website hosts a bibliography for literature on free and open source software as a companion to an interesting set of pieces that cover the following subjects:

* License Type Overview
* Contracts or Licenses: Does it Matter?
* Enforceability of Open Source Licenses
* Copyright Primer
* Derivative Works
* Copyright v. Patent
* Patent Risks
* Trademark and OSS
* Moral Rights and OSS

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  1. The site claims that it is not being updated — i.e., it’s apparently frozen. Call me
    skeptical, but that seems like a good way to doom an OSS information site. A
    static list is a dead list, in the long run. A bibliography is just a filtered link list,
    and it’s completely clear by 2006 how useful an unmaintained link list is :-( .

    Comment by Karl Fogel — April 21, 2006 @ 1:04 pm

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