March 9, 2006

Courses on Liberalism

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So one fun part of being on the job market is that you delve into some serious course constructions. I have come up with 4-5 courses and I will soon start to put some online to get some feedback. Since most of my recent posts here have been on liberalism and neoliberalism, here is one of the my proposal courses, called The Cultural Life of Liberalism. It is still under development though I like the overall structure of it. I would appreciate any suggestions.

Yesterday I had the chance to briefly meet Rutgers Anthropologist Angelique Haugerud who is doing some really fascinating work on paraody and protest (on, for example on the The Yes Men). And I just noticed that she is teaching a graduate seminar on Globalization and Neoliberalism, so of course, I will mine that syllabus when I have a chance to look at it.


  1. This is a metric assload of reading material…

    Comment by dmh — March 9, 2006 @ 2:38 pm

  2. dmh,

    It is, isn’t? I always start a little large and then whittle it down to what is necessary and teachable. But it is always good to aim for the stars, or the metric “a” as you so poetically put it and and ground it down a little ;-)

    Comment by sato — March 9, 2006 @ 2:46 pm

  3. I think the course, The Cultural Life of Liberalism, is thoughtfully designed, comprehensive and uptodate — just that I’ll require a good part of the year to go through all the readings carefully (and not simply consume as fastfood which American students are so prone to, unfortunately). Even as I say this, I feel that the course would benefit with one more section on what I tentatively call, “Liberalism and the ‘illiberal’: issues in race and colonialism”. Also, some reflections on Foucault’s notion that liberalism is actually an ‘invention’ of governmentality, even though it is so prone to clamouring against excessive governance. If the author agrees to these inclusions, the only way out may perhaps be to cut short on some of the readings.

    Overall, a very good effort! It’ll help me in framing a course on liberalism or anything related to it — if I ever do offer one.

    Manas Ray

    Comment by Manas Ray — June 11, 2007 @ 1:07 pm

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