October 30, 2002


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I am back, rested and enjoying the Mission District’s seemingly endless reserves of sun. It is quite a change from the Netherlands where rain, not shine, was the norm especially my last day there which was one HUGE stormy day and I only landed in the US to find myself in another storm which kept me in the Houston airport for the night as even the roads out of the airport were closed. Sleeping in an airport for the night is never fun, especially after a very very long flight and ESPECIALLY in an airport called George W. Bush International. Anyway. I am home, my baggage was delivered to me without any serious damage, and my roommates have just moved up one in my “Are you a god scale?” to “demi-gods” as they totally cleaned the house for my arrival. That was so sweet.

So, the bright sun and bigness of the streets here sure are a contrast to the quaintness that was Holland. I came home to find that the book The Undutchables that I had hoped to get before my trip waiting for me in my room. I started reading it yesterday and was glad that I waited because I now know what they are talking about…. I am sad to be gone as but there are some really nice things about being back. It is great to see my friends not to mention that this almost Disneyland-like (that is unreal) weather is dreamy. I did deeply miss a few other things mostly related to food, work, and sleep. I basically start my day parting with my sleeping partner, a huge stuffed frog (he won’t seem to turn into a prince no matter how many times I kiss the darn thing), make some coffee with soy creamer (which unfortunately does not exist in the Netherlands) and get on my beloved computer. How I missed the nice big screen, the gentle smooth keyboard, and the aheeem, the wireless connection, of course.

I have a lot to write about my trip and many many pictures to put up which I hope to get to later today or tomorrow. But to appease people who might be curious about my “main” research conclusions about the Dutch, here it IS!!!. And fancy that. It is not even mine but one I read in a newspaper in the Netherlands about 2 weeks ago. I just made one editorial adjustement. But keep in mind this is only the grand unrefined conclusion. The details with ample proof of “play” will soon follow.

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