January 31, 2006

Sensible News

Category: F/OSS,Politics — @ 7:42 pm

Mako Hill has written a short but important piece providing some clarity over the stakes and limits of revising the GPL.

The EFF is leading a class action suit against AT&T for helping the NSA spy on us (take note of clever AT&T logo redesign)

The Economist has a decent article, Desperate Measures that examines not only why the American system of health care is broken but is headed for even more perilous times (take note the usually pro-privitization, pro-consumer stance of the Economist at the end, actually and surprisingly gives way to a sensible claim:

The logic of consumer-driven health care assumes that unnecessary doctor visits and procedures lie at the heart of America’s health-care inflation. And it assumes that individual patients can become discerning consumers of health care. Both are questionable. Most American health-care spending is on people with chronic diseases, such as diabetics, whose health care costs many thousands of dollars a year, easily exceeding even high deductibles.)

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