October 19, 2002

Debian Galore

Category: Research — Biella @ 3:55 am

This weekend has been a true goouuuuuuuuulash of intermingling with Debianistas and there is just more in store for me as I am off to Utrecht for a general Debian gathering and then I get to interview another Debian developer tomorrow who grew up on a farm (where we will be doing the interview). He will be my representative “farm-boy-developer.” : )

Just when I think I am sick of hearing someone’s “programming life history” (we had a Sinclair… Atari, Apple II-e, Basic, BBS, blah blah), I am re-animated by the stories and perspectives I hear. And of course, I learn really cool stuff whether it is some new webite, blog, or piece of writing. I am quite excited to read this one on programming called the the programmer’s stone.

I am amassing quite the collection of writings on and by hackers on programming, hackers, UNIX, etc and I think I should compile the list and stick it on my website. Hmmm, a good project for when I return…

Well, gotta catch another train…..

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