October 8, 2002

City Skies

Category: Personal — Biella @ 5:18 am

Skies, lights, clouds; these are elements that characterize cities and places for me. I used to love NYC during the dead of winter when the piercing blue and clear sky would allow an unmistakably bright light shine against the white snow showering the city with a shimmering peace that softened the city’s otherwise rough and rude edges.

Chicago has magnificient summer skies 2 kinds of which I was very fond of. The summerr violent lightning storms that if viewed from a far and towards the city would illuminate her solid and long skyline, a skyline that was made more special by the lake that sits next to her side. Then, there were those thick summer nights, my body cutting through the hazy thick air as I emerged out of the lake or as I moved through the night air on a bike or running down a disc on the frisbee field. The prespiration on my body indistinguishable from the sweet mugginess of the air.

San Francisco skies are an ever changing cycle of pristine spring-like clarity and comforting fogginess, both atmosphere’s caressing the hills, accentuating the lovely pacific ocean, and making the amazing golden gate bridge look even more grand and stoic.

Amsterdam’s dusk skies have been radiant with the intermixing of imposing thick clouds trying to claim the entire sky as her own but the forces of the waning fall daylight refusing to yield, sending forth glowing rays of pink, yellow, warming the otherwise cool night air, framing the entire city in a hue of pink, yellow, and blue. The browns and grays of the old architecture really coming to life at the time when day folds into the night. It is a truly beautiful time to walk through the streets of Amsterdam.

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