July 20, 2005

My Dissertation Abstract and Conclusion

Category: Research — @ 3:46 pm

So it is about time I link to my dissertation abstract and conclusion. If you know nothing of the wonderful world of free and open source software, I recommend the abstract. If you know about F/OSS but are particularily averse to academic jargon (words like ethicalize, articulate.. nested within tons of citations etc) steer clear from the conclusion. It is probably my most “academic” chapter, where I sort of whipped out all the jargon that I kept somewhat, though not totally, controlled in the rest of my dissertation. If you know of F/OSS and words like “problematize” excite you, read the conclusion. For the feel good section of my dissertation and to commemorate the end of debconf5 and celebrate the coming of What the Hack, here is a excerpt on the hacker con, titled In-Person Sociality: The Hacker Conference and the Distillation of Lifeworld

A big thanks to Shay for the title suggestion. I look forward to writing the acknowledgements this weekend; there are many folks I need to thank!

A sample chapter is coming soon. And if you see typos, please do email me and let me know. It is been quite a task catching every last one…

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