June 15, 2005

Les temps d’Indymedia

Category: Politics,Tech — @ 7:57 pm

Over a year ago I took some time off from my dissertation to write an article on Indymedia. The editor kept pushing me to write more and the next thing I knew, it balloned out to nearly 40 pages. Since then, the Planet Work journal has not published another issue, which is a shame. But recently, the article has taken on a new life, thanks to the translation work of a prolific French writer Anne Querrien over at Multitudes (and as usual thanks of course to Patrice R :-) ). This version is not only in French but a little shorter than the original.

For those who read French, the Paris IMC (note their *really* nice banner) folks put the full Multitudes article up on thier documentation site. If your French is strong (or even weak, who cares), the entire issue, which is on alternative and post media(s) (Blogs, radio, peer to peer) looks really good. I look forward to receiving it in the mail and taking a stab at my weak French (perhaps more like my: non-existent-I-recognize-words-because-of-Spanish-French).

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  1. I’ll bookmark it and in a few months, under the gun of some very old art historical requirements to read French and German, I’ll be able to tell you how your writing sounds in French. -kris

    Comment by Kris — June 15, 2005 @ 11:47 pm

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