June 14, 2005

Latin America creeps to the left

Category: Politics — @ 7:12 am

I went to a fairly well-off high school in San Juan Puerto Rico for 14 years. I actually failed the enterance exam (I could not draw a house or talk properly with the psychologist) but they let me in anyway and I guess it turned out all right. Despite the fact that the school served the upper crust of society, many of the teachers were fairly liberal or flaming leftists. In retrospect, I can’t quite understand how the school’s board, composed of a small collection of San Juan’s business men, lawyers and doctors (and perhaps one or two ladies) ever let this happen but I am glad they did. During my tenure there, I had 2 years of Puerto Rican history with a Puerto Rican Independista who pretty much loathed the United States, and its “eeeemperialism.” I still hold a great love of following Latin American politics and it has been interesting and exciting to see various LA countries creep over to the left side of the spectrum. One of my PR Linux buddies, Pedro, wrote up an excellent overview of the current situation, the American response, and also placed it within a longer historical perspective. It is a great read: U.S. in the O.A.S. and its Relation to Latin America

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