September 27, 2002

Almost Ready

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I have only like 5-6 errands left for tomorrow which is amazing given that I am leaving for a month! I hope to get them done in time to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Critical Mass especially since it is also a car free day!

So I, sato, take off on Sat morning to the Netherlands mostly for research although I have some fun activities planned like biking, playing ultimate and I even hope to do some conventional touristy things like visit the home of Anne Frank and visit the large colony of
chimps at the arnhem zoo. I don’t know much about our furry relatives, although I should given that many people think that as an anthropologist, I study chimps or lemurs, or gorillas in the wild. I should just humor people and offer some extravagant theory on chimpanzee language acquisition and its relationship to childhood sexual play. And that everything I know, I know because of my mentor Jane Goodall. But I usually just correct people and let them know that is usually referred to as primatology (although admittedly it is often considered physical anthropology, which is well, anthropology). Since I am on the subject of monkeys, here is a monkey site that always makes me laugh.

Anyway, tomorrow, I hope to also find some time and write about why it is that I picked the name sato sato as mine. It would make a perfect entry before I go for one of my longer roams

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