May 25, 2005

Mad Libs, the B now is _____

Category: Personal — Biella @ 3:41 am

In 1997 I moved to _________ to start ________. Little did I know that it would ______ my life. I started on one ________ which took me to the far away country of _______. But then someone introduced me to this wacky world of ________. These people, mostly _________ would spend hours on the _______ and then they would ______ away what they ______ for _______.

I was so struck by this world of _______ that I dropped my old _________ and started to work on _________ instead.

Entering this ______ was more than what I ever could have ________. It was ________ and ________. I could barely stop __________. Finally I finished with the __________ and returned to ___________ where I began the torturous process of writing a __________. Years ______, I finally __________ and then found myself in a __________ with a ________ people ______________ at me. But when the people left the _______ they had a _______ on their _______ and at that point I knew it was all ____.

Now I have a ______ and more than anything it feels just _________.

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