May 1, 2005

Hacker Jousting and chutzpah–the making of a hacker expert

Category: Anthropology — Biella @ 8:45 am

Also on my academic blog DGI, I post it here. So my advisor wanted more instance of joking and boasting in code and here are some examples with some initial reflections on what is all means (mostly taken from my dissertation).

Sherry Turkle long ago wrote about hacking as “sports death.” Below, using the example of code, I would like to show how the boasting and taunting and disdain found in comment code performs as a jousting comepetition that acts like thier informal peer review process and it the basis by which they embody the role of expert hacker. My own brash language and snarky jokes will probably not remain in the final version, but it is the only way I get through writing my dissertation…

If the subject of elitism erupts on mailing lists discussion over project organization, a form of stylized boasting, taunting, cajoling, and elistist disdain is often performed and at the level of code. Let me provide two examples. The first one is written in the style of an

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