September 23, 2002

Watermelon Frost

Category: Health — Biella @ 1:55 am

So, the other day when my throat was feeling kinda scratchy and itchy, I was given watermelon frost, a powdery substance that I basically snorted down my throat with a little straw for relief. I can’t really say if it worked or not although I completely fell in love with the name of a medicine called watermelon frost. So much more evocative and compelling that something like prozac or contact or mylanta. But I don’t think that they were really going for a cool, evocative name, as it really, honest to god, happens to be made from watermelon rind although I am not all that sure where the frost comes in (come on, the rind is not that frosty). Luckily, my throat is no longer sore, and I am feeling better so I don’t have to use watermelon frost. I can just think about it instead.

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  1. I had Watermelon Frost suggested to me by my Accupunctureist the othjer day and it is helping my constant dry, clogged throat. It’s mouth ulcer remedy properties were just a happy accident for me. I have had an ulcer for about two weeks and since taking Watermelon Frost losenges it hasn’t given me any grief. I am hopeful that the inhalant will work just as well.

    Comment by martin — February 12, 2010 @ 5:03 pm

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