April 5, 2005


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So so so I bought a watch for the first time in years. I guess it is because am feeling the pressure of time which is not that typical for a grad student since we can more or less make our schedules post ABD (All But Dissertation). And I am ABD, but also almost at ABDBAADD (All But Dissertation But Almost At Dissertation Defense) and I am feeling the effects of this BAADD.

My defense date is prolly going to be the last week of May which is exciting but unreal. 8 years of work reflected upon in 1.5 hours. I guess that is the nature of rituals: condensation, reflection, and (and hopefully though not so sure right now) celebration.

Recently, another anthropologist of the ether-world, Alexander Knorr wrote a blog entry about my work that I posted on DGI, his post entitled
biella in the maelstrom of complexity and confusion
and he is right, that is pretty much where I am right now even though the original maelstrom was about hacker pragamtics, i.e. what they deal with in a prosaic sense with technology.

It was nice to disover his blog which is just one slice of an amazing research website the content and aesthetics in a complementary relationship. I look forward to reading his project on maxmod

But for now I guess I will make myself known here only when I can’t take the final sprint anymore…

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