February 10, 2005

the awe from lack of sleep

Category: Personal — Biella @ 11:22 pm

Often when I am very tired, life seems even more odd and strange, wicked and wonderful than it probably is. And today it was one of those days when everything seemed to be hang by a delicate string, but that string, no matter how thin, is one that transmits some small bits of wonder, that strike as such only because you really need more sleep. But I happily will take those small bits of wonder even if an artifact of some otherwise troublesome insomnia.

So, for example, today, as a way to keep myself awake I decided I was so tired, I must wear my bright orange sweater and this satorial decision elicited two considerably positive responses (one from a student after class, the other from a Hyde Park south sider while walking home). It seemed to make both of them incredibly happy and I was equally happy that a sweater of a certain color could induce such an effect.

Earlier in the day I also had a long conversation with someone about LISP, one of the geekier computer languages. Apparently this woman’s b-friend was a Lisp-Lover, and free software developer and it was just cool to talk shop with a fellow anthropologist about the arcane world of geeklandia that she knew from her partner. So when I came home only to find out that my friend seth had recommended I listen to a humorous song about LISP I was very excited.

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