January 15, 2005

An excess of meaning

Category: Wholesome — Biella @ 4:48 pm

There are some authors, like Dick Hedbidge, that I love to read, especially to re-read after a considerable absence. It is not necessarily because I agree with everything he says but because of what he loves to write about: style. His style of writing, at once very precise yet expansive and textured with such excessive metaphors and vivid language, creates a type of text in which excess, an excess of meaning is created. This excess then becomes the basis for allowing you to make a series of assocations between his material and your thoughts (on some unrelated material) so many associations, it almost as if you can hear you brain’s synapses firing away. Next week I will write something more precise about what I mean by all of this on a new blog, 775 that I will be participating on as soon as it gets off the ground.

Oh and I also like Hedbidge because he looks like a thiner, more angsty Bill Murray.



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