November 26, 2004

The Calm Before the Storm, Thanksgiving

Category: Personal — Biella @ 7:01 pm


Most of us have heard from some Great Aunt “Ohhhhhhhhhh Thanksgiving, it is so ‘precious’, it is the ‘least’ commerical of our holidays….” Well that is true so long you ignore the day after Thanksgiving: America’s Busiest Shopping Day. You don’t need to commericalize a holiday that marks the beginning of the uber-commerical holidays…. In this light, Thanksgiving is the day of gluttony where folks stuff themselves silly, packing in the calories needed to fend of the crowds the next day during the day of consumer gluttony. (In other words, today it was a *bad idea to go food shopping at the same strip mall where Best Buy is located… and actually, though you might not be able to tell, I actually really like Thanskgiving..)

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