October 5, 2004

The absurdity of state of the art toilets

Category: Not Wholesome — Biella @ 6:32 pm

So as it turns out, I am going for the impossible: Finishing my dissertation by June. Whether or not I achieve it, I will be a lot less available for my other passsions and pursuits, karaoke, blogging, biking, SOSHI, and most notably, wasting time.

I have a feeling my blog entries will plumment in numbers so I might as well make them as absurd as possible (since I am doing something absurd why not mimic my life) and hopefully still have them reflect on what is going on in my life.

So, I am spending more time than usual in the library and since they have recently renovated the bathrooms, the University has provided its students with the latest and not so greatest advancements in toilet technology.

Like all postmodern bathroom gadgets, the toilet detects the user through sensors, but these new ones are like extra, no, I mean EXTRA sensitive, so that with any movement of your body, the toilet flushes and with such force, that it resembles less of a flush and more like a weak geyser.

This is totally absurb. You either have to launch into acrobatics while using these state of the art toilets or use the one toilet (in the handicapped section) in order to avoid what you are trying to place neatly away.

Anway, I know this is somewhat gross but I wonder if the university can get their money back, and if they do, would they replace the state of the art for the state of the retro? Or will U of C students, especially the women, develop some really fine leg muscles from using the toilets in our library?

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