September 26, 2004

What a morning

Category: Personal — Biella @ 2:15 pm

I woke up groggy and tired afer a late night of dinner and karaoke to celebrate my b-day and I woke to tough-to-swallow-news. I won’t go into the horrific details but I lost a lot of data on my computer, luckily more than 90% (the most important stuff) was backed up and most of the lost stuff is in print form. Actually the only information I lost lost were quotes I planned to use in my dissertation chapters that do exist but only in “raw form” (ie in interviews and fieldnotes). Now I need to go back and pull them out. Sigh. I guess it never harms you to read through all these email lists and field notes again. It can only help.

The good news though is that my article in Anthropology Quarterly which I thought would never see the light of day (that is, it would collect dust in libraries) is now reprinted on the web atLinux Insider and was also mentioned in a really good (and long) article in GrokLaw. Given the AQ piece in the Social Thought and Commentary section, this is only fitting and I am glad to hear the editor allowed them to reprint the article.

Now I need to get my bearings, keep working on my dissertation and read the Groklaw article and remember to make a back up of my stuff at least weekly….

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