July 28, 2004

A Round-Up

Category: Personal — Biella @ 8:32 pm

So lately I have not been much in the blogging mood. I think from time to time, the name blog annoys me so deeply, I just want to throw the whole bloga-thingie down the toilet. But sooner or later I get a little inspired and look past the dorkiest of names and write a new entry.

And though here I am writing, I can’t say that I am inspired by much these days. Not the way that I want to really lead life but then again, it is silly to think life is like how all the beer companies portray it in their ads: cool, refreshing, exciting, and with a great taste.

Anyway, there have been some new happenings in my life lately. I started a new blog: Psychiatry News to help me keep track of the articles and news relevant to my next project on Mind Freedomish stuff. I have to write a small entry “What is Psychiatry News” in part to explain the images I have on the blog. But I will do that, when, inspired. I also hope to comment more on that blog than my FOSS blog which is pure links. You know a research tool.

Otherwise, I am wrapping up an article, with El Golub, and frankly I can’t wait till we finish. The topic, a whole new way of thinking about hacker ethics, I have been thinking about for a year straight. This piece is a culmination of much of my work and thoughts and I just want it *out* of my life. And after Sunday and some marathon editing, maybe with some rooster to celebrate, I hope it will be gone.

Speaking of writing, I wrote an article on Indymedia and Free Software that came out this week. It is a sort of “rah-rah” feel good activist piece. Yes, you know the type of writing us academics are not supposed to dip in (or at least till you have “made it” and only then In the Nation). But screw it, it is sometimes nice to put the trenchanct critique aside and be positive for a change. The aritcle, I warn you, is long, I think approaching 10,000 words. It is not super academic though it is not super lay-speak either. Well, actually, I have been told that it is too jargony, cleary written, mediocre and brilliant. Clearly bi-polar reviews, so really, you be the judge of it.

On the non-academic front, I have changed my daily habits. I go to bed early and wake up early. I would love to go to sleep at 9 and wake up at 5 but I am managing sleep between 10-11 and wake up around 6-7. It is nice and peaceful in the morning. Only me and the mouse that we can’t get rid of (though he is sequestered…)

In an entirely unexpected turn of events, I stopped drinking coffe. Yes, just out of the blue. Strange as strange can be. I just got disgusted by the black aphrodite and switched to tea… I imagine this won’t last too long but it is sort of nice for now.

Well, that was a weird round-up of my life blog entry… Maybe when the inspiration returns, I will come up with more innovative flair.

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