July 16, 2004

Pa-CHIN–> too cute

Category: Wholesome — Biella @ 11:25 pm

So below, I re-transmit a comment from my entry that touches among other fine subjects, my favorite pen, the UniBall Signo extra fine:

“…. But my favorite thing about them is what it says on the little UPC label on the cap. I don’t know if your friend Joe explained this to you, but each of these pens has a little message on the cap that reads..”

“Kyappu wa PA-CHIN to on ga suru made shikkari shimete kudasai.”

Which means,

“Please close the cap tightly, until it makes the sound PA-CHIN.”

Somehow I think that’s just adorable.”

You are right, that exceeds adorbale, that is adorably wholesome: seriously why don’t all pen manufacturers tell us how to deal with our pens accordingly and give us a sonorous lingustic representation of the sound that we will hear when we do? Pa-CHIN. Music to my ears…

If I were 10 and living with my parents and I had found this factoid out, I would spend the next 10 days saying PA-CHIN whenver possible…. Now I just think it (PA-CHIN, PA-CHIN, PA-CHIN, PA-CHIN, PA-CHIN, PA-CHIN…) and keep it to myself..

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