June 20, 2004

The pleasures of sin

Category: Health — Biella @ 11:53 pm

Somehow I find it hard to beleive that if you quit smoking by the time you are 35 (and you don’t have a charred set of lungs/heart when you quit), you won’t suffer any ill effects of smoking… Indeed our bodies can be amazing regenerating machines of miraculous proportions but as someone who sucked on cigarettes pretty consistently for 6 years, I still can’t believe that all that smoke, tar, metals, pesticidies, fillers, and whatever else is in those white sticks has not severely damaged my body…

But I take the news as good and transfer it as a subliminal message (ok not so subliminal) to dmh, you have less than 10 years and you might as well try now :-)

As stunning is that I discovered a brand of chocolate that is so yummy that without disgust, I can actually eat it unswettened.

Since I no longer eat sugar (long story but believe it or not, sugar was much harder to quit than smoking), and since I lust for chocolate, I have been on a quest to find a brand of unsweetened chocolate that I could actually enjoy as is or mix with a little bit of stevia.

These chocolate makers based in Berkeley even made a chocolate perfume!. Hmmm I am not so sure I want to smell like a “walking chocolate bar” (which they think of as: “Lush, rich and primal, CACAO is the ultimate hedonistic gift for men and women”) but you never know, it could smell really divine….

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