March 16, 2004

Leonardo, Reviews

Category: Tech — Biella @ 11:41 am

So, I stumbled across what is a very interesting site, Leonardo Reviews which “is a scholarly review service published by MIT Press and the International Society for Arts, Sciences, and Technology” and part of the Leonardo Journal. I came across it during a search on the Sarai Reader (03) where I published a talk. Here is the Review

I also found a review of Hacker Cultuer by Thomas which is one of my favorite books on hacking though I think he simplifies the moral codes of hacking by letting the political aesthetics of the hacker underground to stand in for the whole of hacking. I am currently working on a piece trying to address how to best come up with a model that at once regonizes shared elements of hacking while honoring, acknowledging the really fascinating gradations of difference and competing interests. I hope Patrice will as usual give me good feedback :-)

Also the reviewer makes the excellent following point about the lack of an analysis of hacker practice in Thomas:

The one thing I missed from Thomas

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