January 26, 2004


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During the huge anti-war protests last winter, Chicago did not figure prominently. In the US context, NYC and San Francisco got most of the coverage, which is too surprising given America is really a bi-coastal nation with the middle being, you know, “just the flatlands” with nice wholesome people (the midwest) and those large states with big mountains, generous driving limitis, and a dearth of people (Utah, Nevada, Montana etc). And anway, the turnout was apparently not that high in Chitown, again not too surprising: you try protesting in the cold-and-wind-and-misery-factory that is a typical midwest winter.

So why not move the Chicagoans to the protest instead? That’s the idea behind ChicagoNewYork to bring Chicagoans in the boat-and-butt-load (really busload) to NYC for what is anticpated as the Mother Ship of Protests to “honor” the Republican National Convention, in a disproportionately Democratic city.:

Welcome to the mother of all protests

The reasons for going are immense. The numbers that will be there will be incredible. The event will be historic.

There will be hundreds of thousands. Most of them will be from New York City. Our goal here at chicagonewyork.net is to make sure that the second largest group is from Chicago.

This is not about being an activist or going to just any protest. This is about bringing everybody you know. Everyone you’ve ever talked to who cringes when they hear Bush’s voice. Everyone who ever expressed fear and anger at what’s been done in our name.

Worth checking out…

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