November 13, 2003

Dreaming life

Category: Personal — Biella @ 7:09 am

So yet again I had a strange dream. I won’t got into the details but basically I was on some highway overpass in Nebraska that hovered over this most beautiful crystal clear lake that at one point was just swarming with ducks, and ducks of all sizes. I mean there were little tadpole size ducks and large mama and papa sized ducks. This was all very exciting to me as I have always wanted a pet duck. And then, surprise, a two headed duck connected at the beak showed up, which floored me so I whipped out my camera, started to shoot some pictures but instead the 2 headed exploded and I had to go to the highway rest stop bathroom to clean it off me. Gross.

This morning I was a little distrubed again. But one of the things that I think are really cool about dreams is that they are in some ways a sort of Buddhist or postmodern meditation on the relativity of social forms and well life in general. Dreams are about the malleable, the creative, your being taking off to places that it could never imagine to do in waking consciousness. But dreams may be a spring board to cultivate that creative flexibility as you move through life awake. If you can enter into a domain of such creative flexibility, then it might exist as part of life more generally, so why not aspire to a dreaming life?

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