November 6, 2003

Stumbling onto a blog

Category: Tech — Biella @ 1:10 pm

So every once in awhile, I find a commnet on my blog from a stranger, like my now friend Niels from the Netherlands. He posted some comments before I went to the Netherlands for a month last year so we ended up meeting up and going on a nice though slightly coolish three day bike trip, which I am very fond of despite the rain and the bum knee.

Just yesterday someone unknown to me posted a comment on what is probabaly one of my favorite blog entries ever Life of the Mind, UHHH, I mean thigh which is apparently the first hit on google if you type “Life of the Mind” and Chicago.

So I wrote her and asked how it is she found my blog (as it is very strange and fascinating to find out how people navigate through such a space) and here is her response:

“How does DO I get sucked into voyeuristic web reading??? I DON’T KNOW. If I
did, I’d find a way to stop it. Seriously though, I was being very U of C, and
decided to look up the phrase “Life of the Mind” on google…because I was
bored. People who are active, physically accomplish things. I look up phrases
on Google. It’s the U of C way, really. So that’s how I stumbled on to the
log, and the precor bit was just hilarious. Actually, your blog is much larger
venture than I expected. It’s like the matured form of my high school website
on European History”

Little adventures and random connections. It is what makes a lot of the web still fun for me though I am do feel like I am battling time, time to keep up with it all…

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