October 22, 2003

dreamy, snow

Category: Personal — Biella @ 7:39 am

I woke up early from a partial nightmare. I had gleefuly jumped into a large ocean-pool (yes an ocean-pool) to get a closer look at Ganhdi’s religious ablution only to find out that I had lost my purse in the process. And while I should not have cared because those things like my wallet, phones, and keys, as Gahndi’s ways have shown, are JUST material, I was filled with anxiety because franlkly it is hard when you lose such things. And then I was also studying for some qualifying exam like the ones you take to enter PhD candidacy atlhough it was an exam for after fieldwork. It was double anxiety for me although in my dream I was coming up with some pretty productive material and alas my purse turned up. And the I woke up and was like “phew, I don’t need to take a test, I just need to write my dissertation” and then all of a sudden the dream did not seem all that bad. And then I looked out of the windows in my dad’s house in Vermont and big fat snowflakes were gliding down to the ground. Very dreamy indeed.

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