September 30, 2003


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I am finally back in the swing of things reading articles on the relationship between software and speech (yep, not your ordinary layperson’s treatment of software) and going about my business in Chicago. Luckily I have less obligations here in Chicago than I did in SF and PR so I can concentrate on finishing, I mean starting so that I can finish my dissertation…

One of the things I get to do again is read websites galore again. Before I blogged, I used to, believe it or not, print articles about Linux, free software, intellectual property, hackers and now I am filing so many articles, it is unreal. What is more unreal is that I a kinda enjoy the filing despite the ache in my back but I am sure my pleasure will wear out soon.

But now I can just read and blog not having to worry about pieces of paper anymore. Today, when catching up on the RIAA lawsuits, I read an article about LL Cool Jay and Chuck D testifying at a Senate subcommittee hearing about the “Evils” of file Swapping (LL (Not So) Cool’s position) and of the P2P really being “Power 2 the People (Chuck D’s position)…

I saw Chuck D talk nearly 2 years ago and Seth is right, he said some really provocative and funny things in a talk that if I recall correctly was like 3 hours long. The man is brilliant and you would think that with his humor he also takes an occasional gig with da onion.

The best is when Chuck D mixes humor with critque and insight:

P2P to me means power to the people,” said Chuck D. “I trust the consumer more than I trust the people at the helm of these (record) companies.”

“LL’s a staunch American,” Chuck D added in a brief interview. “He’s my man and all, man, but when you solely have an American state of mind, you’re increasingly bec oming a smaller part of the world.”

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