August 16, 2002

Inspiring Volunteers

Category: Personal — Biella @ 11:31 pm

So, I help coordinate the volunteers and interns at the EFF. People apply online and I receive this web form as an email with all the relevant information. These forms and the answers, are, sorry to say, boring, just like any modern form is supposed to be. But the other day, I finally laughed reading one of the answers to the following question:

How did you hear about EFF?

Usually, the answer is Lessig, Barlow, the Web, or just the fact of being a programmer. But the answer in this case was:

Friend: No
Email: No
Web: Yes
School: No
Employer: No
Other: Yes
Other: met Cory Doctorow at Disneyland in 1998

Cory is the outreach person here as well as one of the main bloggers for and he is, well, obssessed with all things Disney.

Who knows, maybe the next form will be by some bear-hugging, tree-loving hippie who will write:

Other: met Seth Schoen camping at Sequioa National Park

Disclaimer: You must know Seth to see the humor in this

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