August 29, 2003

The pleasures of plantain

Category: Humor — Biella @ 6:42 pm

The days blur together as rain and errands seem ever present in the last few weeks. As I get closer to my departure date the errand list grows which means I sit more and more in a car, stuck in the traffic of San Juan which intensifies in the rain and on Fridays. I am no longer surprised by much although I do continue to get frustrated from time to time at the hurdles I encounter during my errand hunting. I take pleasure in the little things that make me smile while make my way from establishment to establishment.

Anyone who really knows me, knows I am a big fan of the plantain. I find it to be the food of gods and if it were not for its high starch content and the fact that it really only tastes good fried, I would eat like a god, everyday. My favorite incarnation is the twice fried plantain, tostones, made divinely all over the Caribbean especially in the Dominican Republic.

I have really only seen one type of plantain but today in the supermarket I stumbled across a much stubbier and chubbier plantain than I have ever seen. This is what they usually look look like . I know I am probably the only person to get excited about a chubby plantain but well, what can I say? I am. Sometimes fruits and vegetables that come in slighly different versions or sizes, carry different tastes and since I am so fond of the taste of the plantain, I look forward to a new plantain experience. So I will make this plantain soon and report back!

PS– A plantain though deceptively looks like a banana, is not one! You can’t eat them raw…

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